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Our mission here at East West Kidz is to encourage and support your child’s curiosity for music in a safe and loving environment.

We believe learning music should be fun and interactive. We also know that music can foster your child’s creative mind and get them excited about thinking outside the box.

Exploring music from many cultures is a wonderful way to teach interconnectedness and to expand a child’s awareness and their understanding of the greater world.

Below are just some of the many benefits music has on our children!

Increases Brain Power
Helps Develop Language and Reasoning Skills
Expands Active Listening Skills
Helps with Memorization
Increases Coordination
Prepares for the Creative Economy
Increases Spatial Intelligence
Teaches Discipline
Teaches Risk Taking
Creates a Sense of Achievement
Creates a Higher Self Esteem
Creates Success in Society
Healthy Emotional Development
Builds Empathy
Builds Intuitive Skills
Expands the Imagination

We hope you are encouraged to explore the different classes, camps and after school programs we currently offer.

We guarantee your child will experience positive growth from our multi-cultural music programs. We also know they leave inspired and excited to take the magic of music out into the world as they grow even more in their daily lives.

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the classroom!

About Us

Kate Targan:

Critically Acclaimed singer-songwriter Kate Targan is an American country music and jazz vocal artist.  She performs regularly throughout the U.S and knows how to truly engage an audience with her powerful voice. She wants to share this passion with community, especially children, and help them learn and grow as performers.

 Sapna Todwal:

Sapna Todwal studied Hindustani classical music for over a decade and earned the Visharad degree from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She is highly passionate about passing on this rich knowledge to kids and enable them to appreciate the depth, intensity and the inner balance from learning this highly revered music style.